Towing Company Digs Truck Out of Sand 

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Truck Submerged in Sand Retrieved by Towing Company 

As a seasoned and experienced towing company, Mast Brothers has helped customers in many unique situations. We always say that you never know what the day will bring when you work for Mast Bros! The crew recently received a call from the Oregon State Park requesting that they help dig out a truck that had been abandoned and stuck on Gold Beach. 

With king tides expected in the coming days, the Mast Brothers crew thought it best to wait it out before starting the retrieval. Upon receiving pictures of the truck from Oregon State Park, the towing company team requested that the park employees try to float the truck just in case the sand swallowed the truck up during the king tides.

A few days later and after the king tides had hit, the rescue team returned to find the truck completely submerged in the sand! Aside from an orange cone marking the location, you would never guess something (let alone a full truck) was under the sand!

Thankfully, the expert crew from Mast Brothers was ready to conquer the job. They were able to dig the truck out of the sand and tow the truck to a nearby scrap yard – all in under 3 hours!

Congrats to the Mast Brothers crew on another job well done! Keep it up, team!

Details of Truck Submerged in Sand Retrieved by Towing Company 

Oregon towing company Mast Brothers was recently called in by the Oregon State Park for a job. A truck was left behind and had been stuck in the sand for a few weeks in Gold Beach, a state park in Oregon. The State Park crew needed the truck to be towed by a towing company. 

The towing company received a call from one of the supervisors from the State Park asking if their team could retrieve it. He sent the towing company crew photos of the truck before it was submerged in sand. 

The towing company made arrangements with the supervisor to start the job the following week. The reason for the delay in the start date was due to the king tides, large tides that would have made the job more challenging for the towing company. 

Before the king tides hit, Mast Brothers towing company suggested that they tie a line and a float to the truck just in case the sand swallowed it up. However, the following week, the Oregon Park crew sent photos to the towing company showing that the truck had completely sunk in the sand. 

The towing company crew arrived on the date of the job with a landoll lowboy and Kobelco SB135 excavator. They brought two towing company employees with them, a lowboy driver and an excavator operator, and they left the Mast Brothers office at 6 a.m., arriving at the location in two hours. 

Upon arriving at the location, the towing company crew moved the sand off of the truck in order to dig the truck out. They then dragged it back onto the beach and loaded it onto the trailer. From there, they hauled the truck back to the Reedsport Yard where it was scrapped. 

The truck weighed 16,000 pounds as it was filled with sand. The job at the beach was completed by the towing company in around 2 hours and 40 minutes.