Why is Mast Brothers the heavy duty recovery company of choice for local police departments?

We specialize in complex recoveries.Mast Brothers has invested in specialized tools, equipment, vehicles, and training to be able to safely perform difficult recoveries.

Our team has been doing this for decades; nothing can surprise them anymore! Safety is our number one priority.

Mast Brothers has successfully recovered passenger vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment from a wide range of terrains including snow, sand, and mud!

We can help you with marine recoveries, cliff recoveries, bridge recoveries, mountain recoveries, highway recoveries, and more!

We are the only heavy towing company with WreckMaster certified operators in a 100 mile radius!

Heavy Duty Recovery Near Me

Mast Brothers provides 24 hour heavy duty recovery services to the following locations: Coos Bay, North Bend, Reedsport, Florence, Coquille, Myrtle Point, Bandon, and Elkton.

For immediate assistance call 541-271-3019. A member of our in-house dispatch team is waiting to help you.

What sets our heavy duty recovery service apart from others?

Mast Brothers runs a true 24 hour operation. Trouble doesn’t only happen between 9AM-5PM and we need to be ready at all times. Running our own dispatch center is an important part of what makes us great. We don’t believe in answering machines and outsourced answering services. Our dispatch operators are all local and know the area and our fleet like the back of their hand!This makes all the difference when it comes time to dispatch a team to a recovery. The operator is the first person on our team to get all the particularities about a job. By knowing the capabilities of our fleet, they can easily assign the right people with the right truck and equipment to the job.

Call us at 541-271-3019 if you’re looking for the following 24 hour recovery services in Coos Bay and the surrounding area

Jackknife Trucks

Off Road Winching Services

Water Recovery Services

Bus Winching Service

RV Winching Service

Semi Truck Winching Service

Low Bridge Semi Recovery Service

Sunken Tractor Trailer Lifting

Cliff Recovery Service

Sand Dune Recovery Service

Snowbank Winch-Out Service

And more!

Don’t see what you need on that list? Contact us and let us know how we can help. We haven’t met a recovery job we couldn’t complete!

24 Hour Emergency Recovery Service You Can Depend On

Choosing a heavy duty recovery company is not a decision to be taken lightly. Mast Brothers has decades of experience with complex heavy recoveries. We are proud to work alongside local fire departments and police departments in difficult recoveries. Find out more about what sets us apart from the crowd, call us today at 541-271-3019.

Heavy Duty Recovery Service Area