Backhoe Heavy Duty Recovery in Lakeside, OR

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Fast Heavy Duty Recovery for Backhoe in Mountains

Mast Brothers has been the go-to for heavy duty recovery in Oregon since 1969. They recently helped out a customer who lived in the mountains of Lakeside, OR. The customer had rolled over a backhoe and needed the help of professionals to lift it back up.

Upon arriving at the customer’s cabin in the mountains, the Mast Brothers operator assessed the situation. Using a nearby tree, he rigged 2 snatch blocks, hooked up to the backhoe, and expertly put it back on its wheels. In no time, the operator was able to complete the heavy duty recovery and was on his way.

The Mast Brothers operator managed to complete the job in 90 minutes! From receiving the call, successfully completing the job, and returning back to headquarters, the operator showcased Mast Brother’s efficiency, professionalism, and fast response.

Way to go, Mast Brothers on another successful job completed! Keep up the great work for the community!

Details of Fast Heavy Duty Recovery for Backhoe in Mountains

Mast Brothers Towing are experts in heavy duty recovery. With 6 offices in Oregon, a heavy duty recovery crew is only a quick call away. Their expert team recently received a call from a customer in Lakeside, OR.

The customer called into their Coos Bay location at 175 Hall Street, OR 97420 seeing that it was the closest Mast Brothers Towing office to their location. The customer required help regarding a heavy duty recovery. He had rolled over a backhoe, a mechanical excavator that is used to dig and move earth.

The heavy duty recovery crew responded to the request for help right away and dispatched one of their employees to the scene. In order to arrive at the customer’s location in Lakeside, OR as quickly as possible, the heavy duty recovery professional left the Mast Brothers headquarters in Coos Bay and took Highway 101. Once he arrived in Lakeside, he had to drive up into the mountains in order to reach the customer’s cabin.

Upon arriving at the heavy duty recovery site, the Mast Brother crew member assessed the situation. After his assessment, he came up with the best solution to the heavy duty recovery issue.

The heavy duty recovery operator decided to use his Freightliner with a Jerr-Dan wrecker unit and 14 ton winches to complete the heavy duty recovery. To start the job, he rigged 2 snatch blocks to a big tree up on the cut bank.

After that, the heavy duty recovery operator hooked up to the backhoe and put it back on its wheels. To complete the heavy duty recovery, he picked up the equipment and drove back to his headquarters in Coos Bay. Once he arrived, he cleaned off equipment and awaited the next heavy duty recovery job.

In total, this heavy duty recovery job in Lakeside, OR only took 1.5 hours from the time the call was received, to the time the heavy duty recovery truck was back at headquarters.