Semi Trailer Recovery of 50,000 lb Trailer

Semi Trailer Recovery for Trailer Stuck in Coos Bay Ditch 

Mast Bros recently came to the rescue when a driver found himself in need of professional semi trailer recovery. Following the misleading instructions of his GPS, he unwittingly ventured onto a road ill-suited for his truck and trailer. The inevitable happened – his 50,000 lb trailer became entangled and jackknifed in a ditch, leaving him stranded.

Thankfully, Mast Bros swiftly responded to the distressed driver’s call for help in Coos Bay, OR, just off Deans Mountain Rd. Dispatching an experienced semi trailer recovery specialist armed with a heavy wrecker, they arrived at the scene prepared to tackle the challenge at hand.

The Mast Bros team member wasted no time, carefully assessing the situation.The expert attached a line to a nearby tree, utilizing a snatch block to increase pulling power. With precision and skill, they successfully extracted the trailer from the ditch, much to the driver’s relief.

The heavy duty recovery operation concluded efficiently, taking less than three hours to complete. Thanks to Mast Bros’ timely intervention and professional know-how, the driver was able to continue his journey with peace of mind. Great work, Mast Bros! 

Details of Semi Trailer Recovery for Trailer Stuck in Coos Bay Ditch 

Mast Bros recently assisted with semi trailer recovery after a customer called requiring professional assistance. The driver called the semi trailer recovery dispatcher and explained his situation. 

The driver had followed his GPS to his location. The GPS told him that he could take a specific road to reach his destination. However, the road was not designed for semi trucks and trailers. Unfortunately, his 50,000 lb trailer got crossed up in the road and jackknifed in the ditch.

The Mast Bros dispatcher immediately dispatched one semi trailer recovery crew member to the scene in Coos Bay, OR off of Deans Mountain Rd. The semi trailer recovery pro brought with him a heavy wrecker to get the job done. 

The semi trailer recovery expert drove into the scene nose first. Once he found the customer, he had to back up all the way out to the main road. The semi trailer recovery team member turned around and backed up the road about half a mile to the location.

To start the semi trailer recovery, the Mast Bros team member drew a line from the back of the wrecker to the back of the trailer. He used two lines and scooted the trailer over since it was jackknifed in the road. Then, the semi trailer recovery expert took a line and ran it up past the nose of his truck to a tree. He used a snatch block, went back to his truck, and pulled it out of the ditch.

Finally, the semi trailer recovery pro got him back on the road and backed him all the way out. The customer was able to drive away. The semi trailer recovery job took Mast Bros a little under 3 hours to complete and there was no damage to the vehicle.