Off Road Recovery at Elliot State Forest

Towing Crew Assists with Off Road Recovery of 53,000 lb Dump Truck 

Recently, Mast Brothers towing company found themselves tasked with an off road recovery mission deep within the rugged terrain of Elliot State Forest, Coos Bay, OR. The challenge? Retrieving a massive 35,000-pound dump truck that had careened off an overgrown landing and tumbled down into the thick tangle of trees below.

As the intrepid Mast Brothers team arrived on the scene, they quickly sized up the situation. With limited space along the narrow logging road, they knew they had their work cut out for them. But they didn’t let that deter them – armed with a 2002 Kenworth T-2000 and a Vulcan 940 wrecker unit, they sprang into action.

First up was the delicate task of releasing the brakes and pumping air into the dump truck’s system to minimize resistance. Next, the heavy duty recovery crew rigged up a complex system of lines and snatch blocks to gradually and carefully haul the hulking vehicle back up to the road. It was no easy feat, but the team’s skill and expertise shone through as they deftly maneuvered the dump truck back onto solid ground.

From there, it was a matter of towing the damaged dump truck out of the mountains and onto a repair shop in Creswell – all while taking the scenic route, of course. While the dump truck may have suffered some body damage during its wild tumble down the embankment, thanks to the heroic efforts of the Mast Brothers crew, it was ultimately retrieved safe and sound. Great job to the off road recovery team! 

Details of Towing Crew Assists with Off-Road Recovery of 53,000 lb Dump Truck 

Mast Brothers towing company recently assisted in an off road recovery that occurred at Elliot State Forest, Coos Bay, OR, on the 2000 road. The dispatcher sent out two team members and a 2002 Kenworth T-2000 with a Vulcan 940 wrecker unit for the off road recovery. 

A road crew was repairing the forest roads and they had parked a dump truck on an overgrown landing. When they came back the next morning, the 35,000 pound dump truck had rolled off and down into the trees, which is why they needed the assistance of an off road recovery team. 

Once the off road recovery team arrived at the location, they assessed the situation. There was limited space along the single logging road and it was very narrow, so the off road recovery crew had to pull up into the road and do all the work off the side of the truck.

To start the off road recovery, they pumped air and released the breaks in order to provide as little resistance as possible. They installed a one line straight to the truck, a one line to a big stump with a snatch block, and out of the snatch block and back to the dump truck. The off road recovery team pulled and then brought in a road grader, put a block on that to grab onto, and spun it back up into the road. 

Once on the road, the off road recovery operator hooked it up and towed it out of the mountains and to a repair shop in Creswell, taking the faster, scenic route. The entire off road recovery took 4.5 hours and there was some body damage to the dump truck when it hit the trees