RV Towing on OR-126

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RV Towing Team Uprights Trailer After Scary Accident on OR-126 in Mapleton, Oregon

The RV Towing team from Mast Brothers responded to an accident on OR-126 in Mapleton, OR. A Ford F-250 pulling a 28 foot travel trailer had just exited a tunnel when disaster struck! The pickup truck suddenly lost control and jackknifed!

While the F-250 remained on all four wheels, the sudden movement caused the travel trailer to flip over onto its side! The driver of the pickup was helpless as his pickup continued to slide across the road. It finally came to a stop with its front tires in a ditch by the side of the mountain.

Mast Brothers arrived on scene with a heavy duty recovery truck, a flatbed tow truck, and a medium duty wrecker. Due to the awkward angle that the trailer landed in, both the eastbound and westbound lanes of OR-126 were blocked. 

The RV towing team had to come up with a plan to clear the scene as quickly as possible without compromising the safety of the operation. The first thing they did was pick up the nose of the F-250 and swing it out of the ditch. This change in direction reduced the pressure on the trailer hitch and they were able to disconnect the trailer from the pickup. 

There was not enough room to upright the trailer as it lay. Should they have attempted to do this right away, traffic would have remained completely blocked for over 2 hours! Instead, they carefully slid the trailer to the side, freeing the westbound lane. 

As the Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Transportation controlled traffic, the RV towing team uprighted the travel trailer. 

Fantastic work out there team! A special thank you to both ODOT and the state police for ensuring our team was safe as they worked on the highway. 

Details of RV Towing Team Uprights Trailer After Scary Accident on OR-126 in Mapleton, Oregon

The RV Towing team from Mast Brothers was dispatched from Mast Bros. Towing and Recovery, Collision Repair, Winchester Avenue, Reedsport, OR, USA. The RV towing company arrived at the scene of the accident and assessed the situation. 

The first priority for the RV towing team was to reduce the pressure on the hitch. This would allow them to separate the F-250 and the travel trailer. The tow truck operator lifted the front of the pickup truck and swung it over, out of the ditch and back onto solid ground.

With the pressure on the hitch reduced, the RV towing team were able to disconnect the travel trailer from the F-250. Using a snatchblock on the tail of the flatbed, the RV towing team first slid the nose of the trailer over. The RV towing team then slid the tail of the trailer over.

Once they had enough room to maneuver, the RV towing team uprighted the trailer. The Ford F-250 was loaded onto the flatbed tow truck. The travel trailer was towed with a medium duty wrecker that was equipped with a wheel lift system.