Myrtle Point Heavy Towing to the Rescue

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Myrtle Point Heavy Towing: Overturned Truck Recovery by Mast Brothers

When the Coos County Sheriff’s Office reached out to Mast Brothers Towing & Recovery, it was clear that this was no ordinary job. On Highway 42 E, just outside Myrtle Point, Oregon, a severe incident had occurred – a truck loaded with cattle feed had overturned. The situation demanded swift and expert handling, not only because of the overturned vehicle but also due to the unique cargo it carried: silage, a form of cattle feed.

The scene was intense. Both the Coos County Sheriff’s Office and the Myrtle Point Fire Department were present, ensuring safety and order as Mast Brothers’ team arrived. Two skilled employees from Mast Bros were tasked with this critical job. They brought with them the robust and reliable 1989 Peterbilt 379, outfitted with a JERR-DAN HDL 600/350 wrecker unit, known for its heavy towing capabilities. This equipment was crucial for safely handling the precarious situation.

For 1.5 hours, the Mast Brothers’ team worked diligently. Their goal was not just to remove the truck but to do so while preserving the valuable cargo of cattle feed. The operation required precision, strength, and a deep understanding of heavy towing dynamics. The team’s expertise shone through as they successfully maneuvered the overturned truck, ensuring the cargo was not further compromised.

The story of this tow is not just about the technicalities of heavy towing; it’s a testament to the reliability and skill of Mast Brothers Towing & Recovery. Their quick response and efficient handling of a complex situation underlined their commitment to serving the Myrtle Point community and its surrounding areas.

Myrtle Point heavy towing

Mast Brothers Excel in Myrtle Point Heavy Towing: Quick Turnaround on Highway 42 E

Mast Brothers Towing & Recovery demonstrated exceptional heavy towing skills on Highway 42 E, near Myrtle Point, Oregon. Responding to a call from the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, they tackled a challenging job involving an overturned truck carrying silage for cattle.

This Myrtle Point heavy towing task required the expertise of two Mast Bros employees. They expertly utilized their 1989 Peterbilt 379 with a JERR-DAN HDL 600/350 wrecker unit to manage the complex situation. The team’s quick and efficient work, completed in just 1.5 hours, ensured the safe recovery of the truck and its cargo.

Collaborating with the Coos County Sheriff’s Office and the Myrtle Point Fire Department, Mast Brothers ensured a swift and secure resolution. Their ability to handle heavy towing challenges in the Myrtle Point area is a clear testament to their skill and dedication to community safety and service.