Highway 42 Truck Recovery in Myrtle Point

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Cattle Feed Cargo Truck Accident

On a typical day outside of Myrtle Point, Oregon, along Highway 42 E, Mast Brothers Towing undertook a critical heavy recovery operation. The Coos County Sheriff’s Office needed assistance with an Highway 42 truck recovery for an overturned vehicle. The truck was loaded with cattle feed, requiring urgent removal and towing back to the owner’s farm. The incident also drew the involvement of the Myrtle Point Fire Department. We were once more proud to work alongside our local law enforcement.

Highway 42 Truck Recovery

Salvaging the Truck and Its Cargo

The Highway 42 truck recovery operation was no small feat, requiring two dedicated Mast Brothers tow truck operators. Over the span of 1.5 hours, both managed to recover the truck safely and its cargo of silage for cattle. The loaded truck had slipped sideways off the road and into a ditch. Our operators used a 1989 Peterbilt 379 tow truck equipped with a JERR-DAN HDL 600/350 wrecker unit to recover the vehicle and its cargo.

Toing the Truck Back to Its Farm

Recovering an overturned truck carrying cargo involves specific challenges. Our tow truck operators at the scene need to balance their safety and the safety of other motorists. They also needed to minimize traffic disruption while focussing on salvaging the vehicle without causing further damage.

Of course, a Highway 42 truck recovery operation also requires our team to minimize additional cargo spillage. However, our experienced Mast Brothers operators handled the situation carefully and towed the truck back to the owner’s farm. We’re sure the cows were eagerly awaiting their lunch!

Myrtle Point Truck Recovery with Mast Brothers Towing

Mast Brothers Towing quickly responded when the Coos County Sheriff’s Office initiated the Highway 42 truck recovery operation. This Highway 42 truck recovery task, necessitated by an accident outside of Myrtle Point, Oregon, on Highway 42 E, demonstrated the importance of having a reliable towing partner. Using their 1989 Peterbilt 379 equipped with a cutting-edge JERR-DAN HDL 600/350 wrecker unit, Mast Brothers Towing ensured the overturned Highway 42 truck recovery resulted in the truck being safely towed back to the owner’s farm. Especially since it was loaded with cattle feed.

Highway 42 truck recovery operations always require a blend of skill, appropriate equipment, and coordination with local authorities, such as the Myrtle Point Fire Department and the Coos County Sheriff’s Office. Mast Brothers Towing employees, with their expertise, made the truck recovery operation at Highway 42 seem effortless, completing the job in just 1.5 hours.

Towing trucks in and around Myrtle Point

Are you seeking a reliable towing service for a Myrtle Point Highway 42 truck recovery? Give us a call for Highway 42 truck recovery. Whether it’s an accident-related recovery or if you need heavy equipment moved, our team is equipped and trained to handle your needs promptly and safely. Trust Mast Brothers Towing can move trucks, vehicles, and heavy equipment.